Print or frame the above picture and keep in place where you stay most
  1. Do Jala Puja (workship the water bodies like river) with yellow flowers, Chana dhal and coconut.
  2. Chitta of Kanya rashi – Gift means of communication e.g. A Mobile/Cell phone to anyone.
  3. Chitta of Kanya rashi – Give stationary like pen, pencil to young people.
  4. Chitta of Tula rashi – Go to Hanuman temple and give multicolor flowers.
  5. Give Feed to hens.
  6. Speak less lies.
  7. Plant a red rose plant at home.
  8. Wear 3 mukhi Rudraksha.
  9. Bach Flower remedy: Impatience, Scleranthus & Centaury, Calendula.

Chitta Nakshatra is also know by name Chitra, Chitirai (Tamil)

Light Jala Deepa when possible

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