Dhanvantari Puja and Havan

Dhanvantri HomamBhagawan Dhanvantari the lord of Ayurveda appeared on the day of Dhanteras, carrying a pot of amrit (nectar) in his hand. He was the doctor of devtas in all the three worlds and is also known as the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Dhanvanthri is the 12th incarnation of Mahavishnu. He is with four hands holding medical herbs, a pot of rejuvenating elixir, Shank and Chakra.
He first appeared during the great churning of the cosmic milk ocean to deliver amrta (nectar) for the nourishment of the Devatas. The churning of the milk ocean is one of the most famous episodes in Puranic history and is celebrated in major way every twelve years in the festival known as Kumbha Mela.

When to Perform Dhanvantri Havan?

  • Full Moon Day
  • On the Day of Dhanteras Festival
  • Date can be fixed according to the Birth Start / Janma Nakshatra of the person for whom the havan has to be performed.

Benefits of Dhanvantri Havan :

  • Helps to manifest desires, related to Health, fortune and success.
  • Helps to gain blessings of Lord Vishnu (‘Laxmipati’ consort of Goddess Laxmi).
  • Considered to be the most powerful remedy for all health related problems.
  • Helps to get rid off diseases and for mental stability.
  • Bestows strength, energy and longevity.
  • Will help you lead a disease free life.
  • The spiritual therapy to cure all your health problems.
  • Invigorates the people who are victims of physical sufferings.
  • Performing Dhanvantri Havan once in a year helps an individual to have long and healthy life.
  • Helps you in getting relief from illness and chronic pain.
  • Improves vitality and helps to avoid untimely death.
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Srimad Bhagavatam Story, that describes Dhanvantari avatara in great detail:

The great leader of the Devatas Indra was riding on his elephant, when he came across Durvasa Muni. Seeing the great Devata, Durvasa offered him a special garland (mala). Indra accepted this garland and put it on the trunk of the elephant. The elephant threw the garland onto the floor, thus enraging Durvasa Muni. In a fit of anger, the sage explained that the garland was the dwelling of Sri (fortune) and was therefore to be treated as prasada. Therefore cursed Indra and all the Devatas to be bereft of all strength, energy, and fortune (Sri).

In the ensuing battles, the Devatas were defeated in battle and the demons headed by Bali gained control of the universe. The Devatas sought out the help of Lord Vishnu, who instructed them in the art of diplomacy. The Devatas then entered into an alliance with the demons to jointly churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality and to share it among them. Of course, the Devatas were told by Vishnu that He would arrange for them alone to obtain the nectar, which would empower them to defeat the demons.

All kinds of herbs were cast into the milk ocean and using Mandara mountain as the churning rod and Vasuki as the cord, they proceeded to churn the ocean. This churning was so arduous that Lord Vishnu Himself interceded in so many ways to aid the Devatas: He was present as Lord Ajita pulling on the side of the gods, as Lord Kurma who supported the great Mandara mountain which was in danger of sinking, and Lord Vishnu Himself sat atop the Mountain infusing the Devatas and the serpent Vasuki with energy. Many great beings and objects were produced from the ocean and were accepted by various Devatas as offerings. Laksmi-devi, the goddess of fortune, appeared from the ocean and Vishnu and Her were reunited as husband and wife after having been separated for many ages.

Then as they continued churning, a very wonderful male person appeared. The Bhagavatam tells us, “He was strongly built; His arms were very long, stout and strong; His eyes were reddish, and His complexion was black. He was very young, He was garlanded with flowers, and His entire body was fully decorated with various ornaments.”

Lord Dhanvantari was “dressed in yellow garments and wore brightly polished earrings made of pearl. The tips of His hair were anointed with oil and His chest was very broad. His body had all good features, and He was stout and strong as a lion. In His hand, He carried a jug of nectar.”

The demons stole the jug of nectar and Lord Vishnu appeared as Mohini, a beautiful woman, who fascinated the demons and recovered the nectar from them. The Devatas took the nectar and drank it and were invigorated with energy. Thereafter, the Devatas fought the demons and were victorious. They greatly rejoiced and worshipped Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, and resumed their position in the heavens.

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