Print or frame the above picture and keep in place where you stay most
  1. Go to river bank and do puja of red flowers, one fist of rice grains and bundle of cotton thread.
  2. Its symbol is a flower, so plant a flowering plant.
  3. Feed a donkey, as they are very hardworking & loyal creatures.
  4. Donate mustard oil.
  5. Loaf of bread with mustard oil on it to be given to dogs and crows.
  6. Feed food to fish, crow and buffalo.
  7. Keep peacock wing head piece with you forever.
  8. Be considerate to poor / servant.
  9. Wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha.
  10. Back Flower remedy: Star of Bethlehem & clematis, chamomile.

Light Jala Deepa when possible.

0 thoughts on “Pushya Nakshatra Remedies

  1. Parvathy says:

    Bach flower remedies for shatabisha nakshatra sir. And, do ‘s and don’t s for this nakshatra also as given for other nakshatras.

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