Please light Jala Deepa in your house, office or working place

What is Jaladeepa?

Jaladeepa literally means water lamp, it’s a unique lamp, Lamp consisting of Earth (Prithvi), Fire(Agni), Air (Vayu), Water (Jala), and Space (Akash).
It’s a well-known general recommend a remedy for any dosha of house/place/Vastu or health (mental or physical).

Benefits of JalaDeepa

  • When you light Jala Deepam apart from the visual aspect it fills the whole place with different kinds of energies
  • It is just like doing a small yajna like agnihotra
  • Jala Deepam increase the positivity because it has its own field of energy
  • Everything that is driving life in the world is fire it also creates a field of the atmosphere around itself and thus creates a field of energy
  • Jaladeepa increases the light in your body and so strengthens from DNA to Physical level
  • When lit at home, it reduces depression in the members and brings peace to the home.
  • If one is fickle-minded, lighting this lamp helps to maintain a stable mind.
  • At the business place, it attracts more customers and increases business.
  • If one meditates in front of this lamp for 5 minutes every day, it increases one’s concentration.
  • Deepa protects everything in its environment
  • Vastu specialists recommend Jaladeepa to remove any Vastu dosha related to Earth, Fire, and Water

Where to light Jaladeepa?

In the pooja room
In Bedroom
Place where you stay for longer time, like living room

Any restrictions for Jaladeepa?

  • JalaDeepa can be placed anywhere
  • Any number of Jaladeepa can also be lighted
  • Ladies even in their menstrual cycle can also lit the Jaladeepa.
  • For Jaladeepa there is NO restriction of time, place, direction, or anything.

Method of making JalaDeepa

  • Take a clay or glass made bowl or tumbler.
  • Add 70% water then add 30% sesame oil or coconut oil
  • Add a wick and wet it with oil light the lamp
  • Change the water and wick daily.

Remedies from Residual Water from JalaDeepa

  • Don’t waste the residual water of Jaladeepa
  • It can be used as healing water for any ailments
  • Apply it on any pain area even it can Heal crack Heels
  • Apply to body and have a bath
  • Sprinkle around the house or office premises
  • Put to any plants, tree, and pets it will grow wonderfully and solve the problems in it.

One thought on “All about JalaDeepa / JalaDeepam

  1. Avani says:

    Really good to know about jaladeepa.
    Thank you🙏

  2. Supreetha says:

    We are non vegetarian… Can I put jala deepa

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