Print or frame the above picture and keep in place where you stay most
  1. Feed Cow with grass and offer sugar grains to Ants.
  2. Give milk in Shiva temple, you can keep there or do Shiva abhisheka.
  3. Can throw little milk in sea.
  4. Feed milk to male cat.
  5. Give green colored bangles and clothes to eunuchs (hijras).
  6. Feed cows with green fodder or grass or vegetables.
  7. Water Tulasi plant on Wednesday or daily except Sunday.
  8. Never trust on what you hear, check yourself.
  9. Wear a silver chain.
  10. Wear 4 mukhi Rudraksha.
  11. Bach Flower Remedy: Elm & clematis, Pomegranate.

You can light Jala Deepa when possible.

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