1. Print or frame the above picture and keep in place where you stay most
  2. Chant VishnuSahasranama Shloka 21-24 (Text and Video provided below)
  3. On Saturday / Wednesday, rotate black wool around the person and offer it into Fire.
  4. Feed Dogs.
  5. Take care of animals.
  6. Don’t eat non-veg on that day.
  7. Give green moong (green gram) in Bhairav Temple.
  8. Offering a sweet parantha (Indian pancake stuffed with sugar and fried) in small pieces to crows daily in the morning.
  9. Donate tomato ketchup / tomatoes or Curd.
  10. Throw barley (jau) or wheat (400gm) in river or canal (natural). (The water should be clean and flowing).
  11. Feed ants on Tuesdays / Saturdays.
  12. Wear 8 mukhi Rudraksha
  13. Bach Flower: Cerato & Cherryplum, Morning Glory
  14. Light Jala Deepa when possible

Ardra Nakshatra: Shloka 21-24

Marichir-Damano Hamsah Suparno Bhujagottamah
Hiranya-Nabha Sutapah Padmanabhah Prajapatih

Amrutyuh Sarva-Druk Simhah Sandhata Sandhiman Sthirah
Ajo Durmarshanah Shasta Vishrutatma Surariha

Gurur Gurutamo Dhama Satyah Satya-Parakramah
Nimisho Animishah Sragvi Vachaspatir Udaradhih

Agranir Gramanih Shriman Nyayo Neta Samiranah
Sahsra-Murdha Vishvatma Sahasraksha Sahasrapat

Ardra Nakshatra Shloka 21-24

Nakshatra Suktam Good if you hear and play in home

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