Revathi Nakshatra Remedies

Print , frame above picture and keep in the place you stay most. Chant VishNu SahasraNama shloka 105-108 (text and video below). Light Jala Deepa whenever possible. Do saubhagya dana with coconut to married woman whose husband is alive. Offer green barfi or sweets in ganapathi temple. Give green moong (green gram) to cows. Wear […]

Chitta Nakshatra Remedies

Do Jala Puja (workship the water bodies like river) with yellow flowers, Chana dhal and coconut. Chitta of Kanya rashi – Gift means of communication e.g. A Mobile/Cell phone to anyone. Chitta of Kanya rashi – Give stationary like pen, pencil to young people. Chitta of Tula rashi – Go to Hanuman temple and give […]

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