Not able to save money and & property for yourself? , even all of your efforts in earning property not working?
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A lot of different yogas in astrology helps us in acquiring wealth and property. There are various ways by which a person can acquire wealth. Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth and they get all comforts by virtue of luck or Raj yogas in their horoscope. Some people work hard, some use their intelligence, some resort to black marketing, smuggling and all sorts of illegal means to get wealth.

The 2nd and 11th houses are mainly responsible for finance. Lagna, 9th and 5th houses also play important roles. Even 10th house, Jupiter and Moon are important for finance.
The Lord of the second house define wealth and property in a person’s life. The fourth house explains prosperity in a person’s life and the fifth house is associated with productivity. The sixth house is related to debts and responsibilities. The seventh house is associated with business partnerships. The eleventh house is related to income and the twelfth house is related to expenses. This means that all the mentioned houses are directly or indirectly related to wealth and property of a person.

If the second house is strong, a person has immense wealth, but not a fixed source of income. On the other hand, if second as well as eleventh house are strong, a person has wealth and he is able to acquire even more. A person receives paternal wealth if the second house is strong in a Kundali. Such a person also inherits property and utilizes it in the best way. Auspicious planets in this house give good results. On the other hand, a person may suffer financially if this house is occupied by malefic planets. A person earns through his investments if the eleventh and twelfth house have good relations. If the fifth house is strong, a person earns money through gambling.

Effects of Dasha

Dasha of planets also plays an important role in acquiring wealth and property. Dasha of the Lord of second house provides a person with inherited wealth. A person earns money through gambling during dasha of the Lord of the fifth house.A person is able to acquire money which was blocked for a long time during dasha of the Lord of eleventh house. Effects of dasha depend on various other factors like position of planets etc. During dasha of sixth house, a person is able to apply for a loan. On the other hand, dasha of twelfth house results in expenses.
Wealth through Ascendant

Few important Yogas related to wealth and peoperty

  • If Moon is in the fifth house, a person earns money through gambling or lottery. If Moon is auspicious, a person is able to earn a lot of profits.
    A person lives a prosperous life during the dasha of the karak planet. Such a person is also free of financial problems in life.
  • If Moon is in the seventh house, a person tries to run a business in partnership, but may be betrayed.
    According to Lal Kitab, a person earns tremendous wealth at least once in life if Venus is in the twelfth house.
  • A person earns wealth by borrowing money if sixth house is in conjunction with the eleventh house.
  • 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th are money houses and the planet which rules these houses (2, 5, 9 and 11) are your money giving planets. However power full 8th house under positive influence and strong aspect and planets placed in that house can indicate money through inheritance or marriage or can give you unexpected large sum through someone. So overall planets in these houses along with the houses lords, benefic aspect need to be calculated together.

Few important combination for wealth :

  • Lord or 10th house occupying 5th house will prove a great asset for a native bestowing abundant wealth which will never leave him.
  • Laxmi Yogas : If lord of Lagna is powerful and lord of 9th house occupies own or exaltation position in Kendra or Trikona.
  • One who has strong Sun in Horoscope can never be mean, vicious, criminal or untrustworthy. Therefore, he can not adopt wrong means for livelihood.
  • If lord of 2nd and 11th be placed or related with 6th/8th/12th while Mars is in 11th and Rahu is in 2nd, native will loose his wealth on account of royal punishment.
  • If Lagna, the lord and Sun are weak or afflicted and also have the association with Rahu or a malefic, the very foundation of Horoscope is deeply shaken, The native suffers setbacks in his financial matters owing to wrong decisions. has a team of learned, qualified and experienced Astrologers, Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris,
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