Ashtanga Hrudaya Chapter 6 mentions Laja qualities and its benefits/effects.

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Properties and Benefits

More Benefits

How to use Laja/Kheel

Properties and Benefits

  • Laja, Kheel (fried paddy)
  • Laja is prepared by frying paddy.
  • Light to digest.
  • Sweet astringent in taste.
  • Relieves thirst
  • Relives vomiting
  • Relives diarrhea
  • Helps cure diabetes
  • Helps mitigate obesity.
  • Mitigates kapha, pitta and cough
  • Pacify kapha and pitta dosha.
  • Increases appetite
  • Easy to digest
  • Is cold in potency.

More Benefits

  • Laja/Kheel which is used during festivals in India to offer to deities are considered as auspicious.
  • It is widely used in ayurvedic diet recommendation for healthy as well as in many disease conditions, and it is also given to patients after pancha karma procedures.
  • It is parched rice, which is the lightest form of rice compared to all other rice preparations.
  • It is nutritive, soothing and wholesome, it replenishes body tissues and remove toxins from body.
  • It gives instant energy, used in lethargy, fatigue, anemia and in low blood pressure .
  • It improves strength of body.
  • It is used in treatment of vomiting in Ayurveda, also given to women in first trimester to cure morning sickness.
  • It is very beneficial in acidity, gas and in Indigestion.
  • It acts as a diuretic, used in inflammations and urinary disorders.
  • It is a good option as a snack for diabetic and obese person.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It is used in burning sensation.
  • It is useful in bleeding disorders like bleeding piles, bleeding from nose and heavy periods.
  • Used in numbness, neuritis, dizziness and syncope.
  • It helps in reducing cough production.
  • It controls excessive hunger and thirst.
  • Used in alcoholism

How to use Laja/Kheel:

  1. Laja mand: Boil it with water (1 cup laja + 2 cup water) add pinch of saunt (dry ginger powder) and Pippali whole/powder, strain and drink little warm.
  2. Laja gruel: Boil it with water to make thick gruel.
  3. Laja Kheer: boil it with milk and add sugar to make kheer.
  4. Laja can eaten directly.

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