1. Print and frame the above picture and keep in the place you stay most.
  2. Chant VishNu SahasraNama Shloka 101-104 daily (text and video below).
  3. Light Jala Deepa whenever possible.
  4. Do Hanuman abhisheka using Goat Milk.
  5. Feed cows in pairs. Don’t feed 1,3,5 cows at a time. If you are feeding, then feed in even Numbers.
  6. On Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra day, take twin bananas (Bananas which are joined together) put honey and give it to cows. Give sweets.
  7. Pour m,ustard oil or alcohol on the ground (soil) in the morning after Sunrise for 43 days.
  8. Abstinence from alcohol and non-vegetarian meals.
  9. On Satuarday in Rahu Kaala help poor, this is best remedy.
  10. Donate cooking oil or washing soap.
  11. Donate mustard oil from your kitchen.
  12. Wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha.
  13. Flower Remedy: Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem, Angelica.

VishNu Sahasranama Shloka 101-104

anādirbhūrbhuvō lakṣmīssuvīrō rucirāṅgadaḥ |
jananō janajanmādirbhīmō bhīmaparākramaḥ || 101 ||

ādhāranilayōdhātā puṣpahāsaḥ prajāgaraḥ |
ūrdhvagassatpathācāraḥ prāṇadaḥ praṇavaḥ paṇaḥ || 102 ||

pramāṇaṁ prāṇanilayaḥ prāṇabhṛt prāṇajīvanaḥ |
tattvaṁ tattvavidekātmā janmamṛtyujarātigaḥ || 103 ||

bhūrbhuvaḥsvastarustāraḥ savitā prapitāmahaḥ |
yajñō yajñapatiryajvā yajñāṅgō yajñavāhanaḥ || 104 ||

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