1. Print above picture, frame and keep in the place you stay the most.
  2. Light Jala Deepa when possible
  3. Chant VishNu SahasraNama Shloka 97-100 (text & vedio below)
  4. Take red chilies, salt and mustard (rai) rotate around the person and offer it into fire.
  5. Purvadhadrapada of Kumbha rashi – Give iron items in temple. Fulfill any iron requirement of the temple, example: Chains, Rods, Locks, etc.
  6. Purvadhadrapada of Meena Rashi – Give offering to your guru, you can give in Guru Raghavendra or Sai-Baba temple if you don’t have a guru. Give yellow sweets.
  7. Never cheat/ditch anybody
  8. Put some saffron, some gol;d, some white grams, and turmeric in yellow cloth. Tie it and give the small bundle in a holy place or Temple
  9. Eat saffron (kesar). Apply saffron on your navel (nabhi) and tongue in the morning after Sunrise and bathing.
  10. Plant a peepal tree.
  11. Give Yellow clothing to Temple priest.
  12. Wear 5 mukhi rudraksha
  13. Flower remedy: Wild Oat & water Violet, Red clover.
VishNu SahasraNama Shloka 97-100
araudraḥ kuṇḍalī cakrī vikramyūrjitaśāsanaḥ |
śabdātigaśśabdasahaḥ śiśiraśśarvarīkaraḥ || 97 ||

akrūraḥ pēśalō dakṣō dakṣiṇaḥ kṣamiṇāṁ-varaḥ |
vidvattamō vītabhayaḥ puṇyaśravaṇakīrtanaḥ || 98 ||

uttāraṇō duṣkr̥tihā puṇyō dussvapnanāśanaḥ |
vīrahā rakṣaṇassantō jīvanaṁ paryavasthitaḥ || 99 ||

anantarūpō:’nantaśrīrjitamanyurbhayāpahaḥ |
caturaśrō gabhīrātmā vidiśō vyādiśō diśaḥ || 100 ||
Nakshatra Suktam, hearing this also helps for all Nakshatras

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