Manda is one if the Liquid Diets mentioned in Ashtanga Hrudayam Sutrasthana Chapter 6

Manda – The thin fluid resembling water, drained out immediately after boiling is known as manda;


Manda Recipe


Boiled rice – 1 part
Water – 32 parts


1. One part of rice is taken and 32 parts of water is added to it.
2. It is boiled over a mild flame till the rice is cooked.
3. The supernatant watery portion is taken and served when it is hot.




Good during fever as it is –
o Very light and easy to digest,
o Nourishing
o Improves the digestive power
Makes the air and feces move downwards (vatanulomana).
It is also given after detoxification therapy (shodhana).
Relieves the residual toxins and doshas in the body after detoxification therapy (Shodhana)
Relieves constant thirst.
Also relieves tiredness.
Increases the Agni (appetite and digestive power).
Helps in digesting the Ama (poorly digested food).
Balances the normalcy of tissues (dathus) of the body (Dhatu samya krt).
Softens the channels.




Manda – the clear supernatant water in which rice is boiled.

Dosha – Literally that which can go out of balance. Body humor.

Ama – left over impurities deposited in the cells as a result of improper digestion. This causes many diseases.

Agni – literally meaning fire – in the sense of a term in Ayurveda, Agni governs and controls digestion and metabolism.

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