In vedic astrology, usually marraige obstacles could be caused due to many reasons, some are:
Kuja Dosha.
Jupiter/Venus in 7th house.
Nakshatra or Rashi Dosha.

Some remedies are:
Kuja dosha nivarana Homa.
Navagraha shanti Homa.
For female: Rambha Vivah, Kumbha Vivah
For male: Arka Vivah, Ekka Vivaha.

There are ways where an experienced astrologer can find obstacles for marraige, or after marraige problems, or no children after marraige,getting the desired partner,
Or according to Kundali if there is 2/multiple marraige, or failure of first marriange, or possible partners death after marraige.

Please consult our experienced Astrologer before booking any Homa or Puja.

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