The Satyanarayan puja is performed from the Skanda Purana. The story is narrated by Sutha Puranik, a rishi, who is narrating the story to a group of rishis performing a thousand year yajna for the benefit of mankind. The rishis asked Sutha Pramanik as to how an individual with ethical and life-affirming desires could have his desires fulfilled.

Sutha further explained that this same question was also asked by Narada, another great rishi and the son of Lord Bramha or the creator. Narada is one famous character that pops up all through Vedic mythology as an instigator who could set everything in motion.

In this tale, Narada is shown travelling the entire universe before coming to the Earth, or Bhuloka. On earth, he found that many people have been suffering as they were living through their karma from the past life. That filled him with compassion for the ones suffering and he went to Lord Vishnu and asked if something could be done to help these people.

Lord Satyanarayan is one of the most commonly worshipped forms of Lord Vishnu, widely revered everywhere.

Benefits of Satyanarayan Puja (as per scriptures)

Performing Satyanarayan puja at home can bring in success.
People who do this puja can achieve their goals and fulfil their aspirations.
It can also improve physical and mental health of individuals drastically.
It can help devotees enjoy a fulfilling material life and increases overall familial prosperity too.
It can remove all sins from the past life.


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History of Satyanarayan Puja

A ritual that is performed by people on several major occasions like housewarming, marriage etc., and this puja can be done at home on any day regardless of reason. It is the first mentioned ritual in the Skanda Purana of Hindus. The Satyanarayan Puja is generally done on the day of Purnima, or Full Moon, which is believed to be really fortunate.

Popularity of Satyanarayan Puja

Sri Satyanarayan Puja is considered a traditional ritual in different parts of India, which includes Karnataka, Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Maharashtrians celebrate this ritual on Chaturthi or Ekadashi. The puja has special significance of the community of Chitpavan in Maharashtra.

In West Bengal, the puja is performed before housewarming or entering a new house.

In Andhra Pradesh, people have strong faith and belief towards Srimannarayan, supposedly an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There is a famous and ancient temple at Annavaram, East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh that is dedicated to Sri Satyanarayan and witnesses thousands of devotees coming to the temple to offer their prayers. This vrata has been performed on a regular basis in Annavaram. Not only devotees, but their families also visit this temple and take part in the vrata, which is believed to be the most sacred way to offer prayers.

Significance of Satyanarayan Puja

The Satyanarayan Puja, worship of the lord Satyanarayan and the embodiment of eternal truth, is the most commonly performed ritualistic prayers in Hindu homes. Enthusiastic devotees have been performing this ritual for several reasons. It is observed that after performing this puja with devotion and faith, devotees generally benefit a lot – their problems are resolved and they can get over the difficulties in life.


Spiritual Significance of Satyarayan Puja

Satya means Truth. Narayan means the one that abides in everything and everybody. Therefore, this puja, or the worship of Satyanarayan, a form of the Lord Vishnu, suggests that to overcome problems and difficulties in life caused either due to deeds of previous birth or similar factors can be overcome by worshipping the lord of Truth. Devoting time to the Truth and worshipping is a way of being truthful to oneself and being truthful to others. The more honest and trutful we come, the better we can worshop the Lord Narayan in ourselves as well as others.

Bringing Friends and Families Together

The purpose of Satynarayan Puja is also to bring friends and family together and encourage unity and harmony. It is a common belief amongst Hindus that we should focus on universal happiness and unity. Thus, a celebration like this can make the world one fine place to gather together and offer prayers and rituals. has a team of learned, qualified and experienced pandiths/purohiths/Pujari. We take care of the entire process, from booking and assigning the qualified purohith, choosing auspicious Muhuratha, selection and procuring of required Puja Samagri. All you need to do is to book the Puja, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you will have divine and satisfying Puja experience.

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