Even with all your efforts and hard work unable to grow or succeed?, Let Vedic Astrology help!
Great care must be taken while judging the Business/profession of an individual. By reading one’s natal chart, predictions about the career, type of industry and the periods of Business/career advancement can be made.

Vedic Astrology, one can assess the career prospects by combining the influences of the key houses and planets. The 12 houses in a horoscope denote various facets of life of a person. Each house has its own importance when it comes to an individual’s career.

The houses which satisfy and promote your professional and financial growth are:

2nd House: Determines if and how money income will come
7th House: Reveals business interactions or dealings with customers or partners
10th House: Accounts for professional and career development related aspects
11th House: Determines profits and prospects from business

This detailed analysis allows you to be prepared for the future?which might involve recognizing or taking advantage of opportunities or avoiding pitfalls.

VedicAstrology postulates that one or two planets are the main significators of Business/Career in the birth horoscope.

1. Identify the main planets responsible for career/business progression in your horoscope.
2. Identify the running planetary phase and check whether it supports career and gives success.
3. If the current planetary phase is supportive but weak, you need to take strengthening measures for the career/business ruling planets. Strengthening measures can be in various forms – Dosha Nivaran Puja, mantras. Your chances of success might increase substantially.

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