Mula Nakshatra picture – keep this in your room
  • Keep the above picture in your room
  • Donate the iron. Offer fist of salt and red chillies (after rotating around person) into the Fire.
  • Light a chandan (sandal)/Loban (aromatic resin) incense sticks on the left side of your main door, when you go out of the house, near the door.
  • If you have Rahu problem – light chandan (sandal)/guggul agarbattu (incense sticks) at right side of the main door outside
  • Make 11 nimbu ki mala i.e. garland of 11 lemons and put in Kali Mata temple.
  • Donate milk and milk products.
  • Feed Jaggery (Gur) to monkeys.
  • If offspring troubles donate a black and white blanket to Temple.
  • Service elder people and saints.
  • Wear 9 mukhi Rudrakasha

Bach Flower essence: Agrimony & Rick Rose, Sage.

Additionally lighting Jala Deepa at home helps

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