• Donate Grains to a beggar
  • Uttarashada of Dhanu Rashi – Offer sweets in Ganesha temple
  • Uttarashada of Makara Rashi – Go to Navagraha temple and give black thil(sesame) in havan (sacred fire) on Saturdays.
  • Donate food in institutions of leprosy people
  • Throw coconut in running water after revolving 3 times anti-clockwise direction above the head.
  • Feed birds.
  • An offering of food to fire before meals.
  • Begin any important work after eating sweet and then drinking water.
  • Donate red bed sheet
  • Wear 1 Mukhi or 12 MukhiRudraksha
  • Use Larch & Mimulus, Scotch Broom Bach flower essence
  • Keep the above picture in your room or where you stay most of the time.

Light Jala Deepa when possible.

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