Print or frame the above picture and keep in place where you stay most
  • Frame above picture and keep where you stay the most
  • Chant VishNu Saharanama Shola 85-88 daily (Text and Vedio provided below)
  • Light Jala Deepa when possible.
  • Feed two children and offer milk to them.
  • Light an oil lamp(diya) on peepal tree at daytime, never in evening time, Oil diya can be of til oil or mustard oil.
  • Donate wheat grains and Jaggery to poor.
  • Donate honey and green vegetables.
  • Receive some solid silver as gift from your mother.
  • Get blessings of your mother by touching her feet.
  • Continously 16 Saturaday donate white materials to poor.
  • Water tanks overhead should be cleaned in 3 to 6 months.
  • Silver nails in the feet of the bed.
  • Wear 2 mukhi ridraksha
  • Bach flower remedy Mimulus & Gentian, Sunflower

Vishnu SahasraNama Shloka 85-88

Udbhava sundara sundo ratana-nabha sulo-chanah |
Arko vaja-sani shrungi jayantah sarva-vijjay || 85

Suvarna bindu-rakshobhyah sarva-vagee-shvare-shvarah |
Maha-hrado maha-garto maha-bhooto maha-nidhih || 86

Kumudah kundarah kundah parjnyah pavano nilah |
Amrutamsho mruta-vapuh sarvagnah sarva-tomukhah || 87

Sulabha suvratah siddhah shatruji chhatru-tapanah |
Nyagro-dhodumbaro shvatthah chanoo-randhru nishoo-danah || 88

Nakshatra Suktam, Listining this also benefits.

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