Ashlesha Nakshatra Remedies

Frame above picture and keep where you stay most Light Jala Deepa when possible Chant VishNu Sahasranama Shloka 33-36 daily (Text and Vedio provided below) Feed Cow with grass and offer sugar grains to Ants. Give milk in Shiva temple, you can keep there or do Shiva abhisheka. Can throw little milk in sea. Feed […]

Pushya Nakshatra Remedies

Go to river bank and do puja of red flowers, one fist of rice grains and bundle of cotton thread. Its symbol is a flower, so plant a flowering plant. Feed a donkey, as they are very hardworking & loyal creatures. Donate mustard oil. Loaf of bread with mustard oil on it to be given […]

Punarvasu Nakshatra Remedies

Take two firsts of Urad daal & one fist of Til (sesame), rotate around the person and throw it on junction of 3 roads. Give Green moong or Green saree to Brahmin. In Kark rashi – Give milk to Female cat. Give food to girls who are under nine. Serve curd rice to poor people. […]

Mula Nakshatra Remedies

Keep the above picture in your room Donate the iron. Offer fist of salt and red chillies (after rotating around person) into the Fire. Light a chandan (sandal)/Loban (aromatic resin) incense sticks on the left side of your main door, when you go out of the house, near the door. If you have Rahu problem […]

Shravana Nakshatra Remedies

Frame above picture and keep where you stay the most Chant VishNu Saharanama Shola 85-88 daily (Text and Vedio provided below) Light Jala Deepa when possible. Feed two children and offer milk to them. Light an oil lamp(diya) on peepal tree at daytime, never in evening time, Oil diya can be of til oil or […]

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Remedies

Frame Keep the Above picture where you stay the most. Chant Vishnu Sahasranama Shloka 81-84 (Text and vedio provided below) Light Jala Deepa when possible. Donate Grains to a beggar Uttarashada of Dhanu Rashi – Offer sweets in Ganesha temple Uttarashada of Makara Rashi – Go to Navagraha temple and give black thil(sesame) in havan […]

Magha Nakshatra Remedies

Donate salt and “Gud” (Jaggery) on Satuarday and offer 11 “Rui” (Ekka/Giant calotrope) leaves garland to Hanumanji Workship pitru (ancestors) light an oil lamp (diya) on pitru pictures at day time. Offering four slices of bread dipped in milk to street dog daily in the morning Give white and black blanket made of wool in […]

Rohini Nakshatra Remedies

Feed Milk to 5 children till their satisfaction. Give Luxurious items like perfumes (natural), cos,etics (natural) like nail polish, bindi etc to young girls. On Rohini Nakshatra day spend time with your partner/spouse. Donate saffron. Receive some solid silver as gift from your mother. Keep poornima fasts. Wear 2 mukhi Rudraksha Flower essence: Larch & […]

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