Graha Shanti Puja of any one planet

If a planet is situated inauspicious house, inauspicious zodiac, in Nich sign, in enemy sign, With enemy planet, aspect by enemy or inauspicious planet, inauspicious in Dasha and current transits (Gochara), in ones Kundali / Horoscope / natal chart / Jataka chart its Shanti Puja, Homa, Yagna, Nivaran Vidhi, removes or reduces the negative effects and give better results. Apart from that Graha shanti is desirable in case of severe Mangala dosha or Sade sati and small Panoti or Dhaiya. During the Dasa or Antardasa of a negative and inauspicious planet if the planets Graha Shanti Homa/ Shanti Puja Vidhi is performed by our learned and knowledgeable Pandit under the guidance of our authentic and experienced astrologer, then will get better results. Apart from that, anyone desiring improvement in any particular aspect of life, like education, profession, Marriage, health, wealth etc., can get the Shanti Puja / Yagna / Homa / Nivaran Vidhi of the particular ruling planet for better results.

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Moon or Chandra or Som Graha`s Vedic Shanti / Havan / Homa / Puja / Yagna / Remedy:

When the Moon / Chandra is inauspicious in Current Transits / Birth Chart / Dasha/Maha Dasha / Antar Dasha / Pratyantar Dasha Pati-Prtati Antar Dasha / Astakverga / Sadvarga etc. Then the person will lose his fame, Mental problems (tension, depression, wavering mind, headache), Health problem (TB, influenza, asthma disease, epilepsy, eye disease, brain/ pituitary glands problems, kidney stone disease), moral down, laziness, happen thefts, quarrel with ladies/Wife/Mother, fear of devils etc., court or legal matter problems, chances of going to lockup/jail, family problems, illness / death of mother, enmity with some ladies, interest in bad things, bad habit like alcoholic drink, cigarette, etc.

If the above problems are facing in your life period then you should understand that your Moon/Chandra planet is not favor. Therefore, should worship the Moon/Chandra and take care of it. You should consult our authentic and knowledgeable astrologer and do the Shanti Puja Havan Vidhi by our knowledgeable Pandits, under guidance of our authentic and experienced astrologer. While performing said Shanti Puja Vidhi Havan Yagna etc. you will overcome your bad period and obstacles from Moon / Chandra Planet. has a team of learned, qualified and experienced Astrologers, Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris,
we take care of the entire process, from booking and assigning the qualified Purohit, choosing auspicious Muhuratha, selection and procuring of required Puja Samagri. All you need to do is to book the Puja, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you will have divine and satisfying Puja experience.

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