Shrapit Dosh / Shrapit Yoga

In the Vedic astrology, there are many auspicious and inauspicious yogas happen in the birth chart. The Shrapit Dosh is one of the Dosh that embarrasses the native to a great extent. This Yoga synonymously called as Shrapit Yoga.

When it happens?

The Hindu predictive astrology considers the planet Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun as inauspicious planet.
When the planet Saturn and Rahu conjoins in a birth chart, the Shrapit Dosh occurs. The astrologers consider it as a very bad Graha Dosh in the chart.
It also happens when the planet Saturn aspects to the Rahu in the natal chart.

Bad result of Shrapit Dosh

Shrapit Dosh limits the auspicious result of the native. If you have Rahu and Saturn together in the birth chart, then you have Shrapit Dosh. In such as situation, you will not get desired planetary result. All the work will get postponed. There will be ample hindrances in business, career, wealth creation, money, family life and social life as well.

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Remedy for Shrapit Dosha / Shrapit Yoga:

  • You can perform a Puja for Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Puja.
  • Recite beej mantras of Shani and Rahu 108 times daily in the morning after taking a bath
  • Beej mantra for Shani is – AUM Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shanishcharaya Namah
  • Beej mantra for Rahu is – AUM Bhraang Bhreeng Bhraung Sah Rahvey Namah
  • Offering raw milk along with water and black lentils to a Shivling every Monday may prove to be helpful has a team of learned, qualified and experienced Astrologers, Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris,
we take care of the entire process, from booking and assigning the qualified Purohit, choosing auspicious Muhuratha, selection and procuring of required Puja Samagri. All you need to do is to book the Puja, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you will have divine and satisfying Puja experience.

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