Kemadruma dosh

The Kemadruma Yoga, also called as the Kemadruma Dosha, is one of the very significant yogas/doshas related with the Moon. In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is regarded as the pivotal and most influential planet for the mind. This very fact make the kemadruma dosha of great importance in the birth horoscope of a person. This very enlightening and beneficial webpage contains information about this yoga/dosha, effects of this kemdrum dosha, and remedies for alleviating the ill influences of this significant dosha related with the Moon. Here, it must be noted that, this kemadruma yoga is not as much inauspicious as is generally taken; this point is also illustrated in the paragraphs below.
If the 2nd house and 12th house from the Moon is free from any planets, then this yoga takes place.

What will happen if you have Kemadruma Yoga?

  • The Kemadruma Yoga is said to be a very nefarious yoga in the Vedic astrology.
  • The person having Kemadruma Yoga will be devoid of wealth, money, knowledge, health, progeny and mental peace.
  • This Yoga can make one a pauper despite having a king size life.
  • A person with this kemadruma dosha in his/her birth chart is quite likely for face poverty at least once in his/her life.
  • His/her mind is likely to be prone to restlessness and worthless imaginations quite often.
  • He/she tends to remain busy and unsatisfied.
  • He/she is likely to face difficulties and troubles in the professional and domestic life.
  • He/she may become dependent on others.
  • The native suffers social stigma, humiliation, misery and failures.
  • However, there is cancellation of Kemadruma Yoga. The wise astrologer can predict if you have a valid Kemadruma dosh in your chart.
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Kemadrum Yoga and remedies

  • Perform Rudrabhisheka Puja, Maha Rudra Pooja
  • Perform Kedruma dosh Nivaran Puja
  • Chant Mantra for Lord Shiva. Chanting Shivapanchakshari Mantra can help you to get rid of Kemadruma Yoga.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Visit temple on Monday and offer milk on Shivling and chant Mantra ‘’Om Namah Shivay’’ 108 times with a Rudraksha mala.
  • Keep fast on Full Moon day for 4 years continuously. Start fasting on Full Moon day that falls on Monday and Chitra Nakstra.
  • Read Sri Suktam every day while performing puja at home.
  • Keep Dakshinavarti conch in the Puja place at home. Keep water in this conch and pour it on the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. has a team of learned, qualified and experienced Astrologers, Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris,
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