Guru Chandal Dosh

Guru or Jupiter is the most auspicious planets that rule wisdom, education, kids, knowledge, treasury and wealth.
Hence, Guru must be powerful in the birth chart to have knowledge, education, kids and wealth.
If the planet Guru conjoined with the malefic Rahu and Ketu, Guru Chandal Yoga happens.

What happens in the presence of Guru Chandal Dosh?

  • You will have devoid of wealth and money.
  • The couple can be childless or unintelligent children
  • There will be no education and knowledge.
  • The Guru Chandal Yoga can make one poverty-stricken.
  • The person will be pessimistic.
  • As we know, the wealth, kids and knowledge play an important role in life, it is very important that one should not have Guru Chandal Dosh in the birth chart.
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  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu will be very auspicious.
  • Chandal Yoga Nivaran Pooja will reduce malefic aspects and increase the benefits of Jupiter, Rahu or Ketu.
  • One can wear 11 mukhi rudraksha mala which will help in improving health.
  • One can perform a Havan to take Jupiter’s blessings.
  • One can wear a yellow sapphire.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesha will reduce depression.
  • One must organize Chandal Graha Shanti Pooja to have positivity.
  • Give respect to your parents, parents-in-laws, old people, teachers and poor people.
  • Donate honey, turmeric, yellow sweets to teachers or Brahmins.
  • The person should donate any yellow colored things to poor and needy.
  • The person should give food to animals and birds.
  • Chant Jupiter ( brihispati ) or Chandra Grah mantra.
  • One must do the Guru Chandal Yoga Shanti Yagya Anushantan.
  • Worship Maa Baglamukhi and Maa Chinnmasta sidh yantra everyday.
  • One can wear guruchandal Mukti sidh kavach advised by the astrologer. has a team of learned, qualified and experienced Astrologers, Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris,
we take care of the entire process, from booking and assigning the qualified Purohit, choosing auspicious Muhuratha, selection and procuring of required Puja Samagri. All you need to do is to book the Puja, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you will have divine and satisfying Puja experience.

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