Mangal Dosha

Graha Dosh like Mangal Dosh is known as Bhom Dosha, Kuja Dosha or Angarakha Dosha.
Mangal Dosha has grown to be a frequently found dosha or astrological drawback. The planet Mars is known as Mangal or Kuja in the ancient Sanskrit language. An astrological situation when the planet Mars exists in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person’s horoscope chart is commonly called as Mangal Dosha. Those who have this Dosha are known as Manglik.
There are a total of twelve houses in a person’s astrological chart. The placement of the planet of Mars in any of the previously mentioned six houses causes Mangal Dosha.

What happens when Mangal Dosh is present in your birth chart?

  • The planet of Mars represents respect, energy, ego and self-esteem. Therefore one with the Mangal Dosha has a volatile temper. Manglik individuals thus face a lot of problems in bending and adjusting with their partners.
  • The energy of Manglik individuals can be compared to that of fire. Therefore this energy needs to be used in the right direction and in doing something constructive, or otherwise they might become ruthless.
  • There will be unnecessary dispute between husband and wife.
  • The health of one of the partners is likely to be down.
  • There will be no mutual harmony.
  • The legal issues between husband and wife are likely.
  • Getting blessed with children will be late.
  • There will be deficiency of the wealth.
  • Infidelity is likely to happen.

That is why it is extremely imperative that you should get your chart matched before getting married by wise astrologer for this graha dosh.

Effects of Mangal dosha

When Mars is situated in the 1st house:

The 1st house represents the house of spouse. Thus it normally affects the married life leading to unnecessary conflicts. It might also lead to physical assault and violence. Due to such unacceptable behavior such a person might suffer from tension, distress, separation or even divorce.
When Mars is situated in the 2nd house:

A person’s family life is affected. It also creates obstacles in the married life and the professional life.
When Mars is situated in the 4th house:

This will have adverse effects at the professional front. Such a person will switch jobs and also will not be successful professionally. Financial trouble will keep lurking.
When Mars is situated in the 7th house:

Such a person has too much of energy and will be ill-tempered resulting in not being able to maintain cordial relationship with family members. Also this person will be very dominating and dictating over his or her partner and s/he might also have many partners.
When Mars is in the 8th house:

Such a person will be lazy and will not be able to maintain a rapport with his or her elders and thus will lose paternal property.
When Mars is situated in the 12th house:

Manglik individuals will have enemies. S/he will also suffer from mental problems and financial losses.

Consult An Expert Astrologer

What are the remedies for Mangal Dosh

  • Perform Mangal Dosh Havan / Puja.
  • There are many remedial measures to get rid of Mangal Maha Graha Dosh. You can chant Gayatri Mantra.
  • Use Red Coral in the ring finger with gold; However, You should consult an astrologer before wearing red coral.
  • Read Sundarakand or Hanuman Chalisha.
  • Get married with a person with Mangal Dosha.
  • Keep fast on Tuesday.
  • The Mangal Dosh can be neutralized by performing Kumbh Vivah.
  • The Mangalik person should get married with banana tree, banyan tree or idol of Lord Vishnu made of silver or gold. has a team of learned, qualified and experienced Astrologers, Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris,
we take care of the entire process, from booking and assigning the qualified Purohit, choosing auspicious Muhuratha, selection and procuring of required Puja Samagri. All you need to do is to book the Puja, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you will have divine and satisfying Puja experience.

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