Ardra Nakshatra Remedies

Print or frame the above picture and keep in place where you stay most Chant VishnuSahasranama Shloka 21-24 (Text and Video provided below) On Saturday / Wednesday, rotate black wool around the person and offer it into Fire. Feed Dogs. Take care of animals. Don’t eat non-veg on that day. Give green moong (green gram) […]

Chitta Nakshatra Remedies

Do Jala Puja (workship the water bodies like river) with yellow flowers, Chana dhal and coconut. Chitta of Kanya rashi – Gift means of communication e.g. A Mobile/Cell phone to anyone. Chitta of Kanya rashi – Give stationary like pen, pencil to young people. Chitta of Tula rashi – Go to Hanuman temple and give […]

Ashlesha Nakshatra Remedies

Frame above picture and keep where you stay most Light Jala Deepa when possible Chant VishNu Sahasranama Shloka 33-36 daily (Text and Vedio provided below) Feed Cow with grass and offer sugar grains to Ants. Give milk in Shiva temple, you can keep there or do Shiva abhisheka. Can throw little milk in sea. Feed […]

Pushya Nakshatra Remedies

Go to river bank and do puja of red flowers, one fist of rice grains and bundle of cotton thread. Its symbol is a flower, so plant a flowering plant. Feed a donkey, as they are very hardworking & loyal creatures. Donate mustard oil. Loaf of bread with mustard oil on it to be given […]

Punarvasu Nakshatra Remedies

Take two firsts of Urad daal & one fist of Til (sesame), rotate around the person and throw it on junction of 3 roads. Give Green moong or Green saree to Brahmin. In Kark rashi – Give milk to Female cat. Give food to girls who are under nine. Serve curd rice to poor people. […]

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