Sprouted Navarathna Vada | Mixed Pulses Fritters | Dal Vada

Pulses are delicious, protein-packed, sustainable foods known as dry peas, chickpeas, lentils, and beans. They are a great source of protein and fiber as well as being lower in fat than many types of meat. I chose to use lentils and variety beans in this dish and made them sprouted. One study that included lentils and mung beans among other types of […]

Same Dose | Millet Dosa | Little Millet Dosa

Millet is a grain that comes from small-seeded grasses. It has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and is perfect for cereals, salads, desserts, or in place of rice. Buy gluten-free organic Millet from Pure Indian Foods today! Same Millet is good for Pancreas, contains 9% fiber, good for infertility in men and women help to improve sperm quality. […]

Puran poli | Bele Holige | Obbattu

Puran poli, also known as holige in Kannada, is an Indian sweet flatbread from many regions of India as evident by the names such as bobbatlu/bakshalu (Telugu), Puran Poli (Maharashtra), Holige/Bele holige/Obbattu (Karnataka), Vedmi(Gujarat). Holige has different verities across regions in India. In Karnataka, we prepare Holige/Obbattu with variant fillings like Toor Dal, Channa Dal, Rava, Til (Ellu), Dry fruits, Shenga (Kadalekayi), […]

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