Benefits of Metal Charged Water

Benefits Of Metal Charged Water

Benefits Of Metal Charged Water Gold: People suffering from respiratory disease like asthma, breathlessless, diseases of the lungs, heart diseases, brain diseases, find it benefits to consume gold charged water. Gold benefits the brain, relaxes the body and mind. Cleopatra used it for its benefits to health and beauty. It is also used in China as […]

Sprouted Navarathna Vada | Mixed Pulses Fritters | Dal Vada

Pulses are delicious, protein-packed, sustainable foods known as dry peas, chickpeas, lentils, and beans. They are a great source of protein and fiber as well as being lower in fat than many types of meat. I chose to use lentils and variety beans in this dish and made them sprouted. One study that included lentils and mung beans among other types of […]

Same Dose | Millet Dosa | Little Millet Dosa

Millet is a grain that comes from small-seeded grasses. It has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and is perfect for cereals, salads, desserts, or in place of rice. Buy gluten-free organic Millet from Pure Indian Foods today! Same Millet is good for Pancreas, contains 9% fiber, good for infertility in men and women help to improve sperm quality. […]

Puran poli | Bele Holige | Obbattu

Puran poli, also known as holige in Kannada, is an Indian sweet flatbread from many regions of India as evident by the names such as bobbatlu/bakshalu (Telugu), Puran Poli (Maharashtra), Holige/Bele holige/Obbattu (Karnataka), Vedmi(Gujarat). Holige has different verities across regions in India. In Karnataka, we prepare Holige/Obbattu with variant fillings like Toor Dal, Channa Dal, Rava, Til (Ellu), Dry fruits, Shenga (Kadalekayi), […]

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