KalabhairavKalabhairav Jayanti

Kalabhairav Jayanti also known as ‘Mahakaal Bhairavashtami’ is dedicated to Lord Kaal Bhairav, the fearsome form of Lord Shiva. It is observed on the ‘ashtami’ (8th day) of the ‘Krishna Paksha’ (the period of waning phase of moon) during the Hindu lunar month of ‘Kartik’. In the Gregorian calendar, this date corresponds to the months of mid-November to mid-December. The festival of Kalabhairav Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of Kala Bhairav, the Hindu God of Time. This day is considered to be more auspicious when it falls on a Tuesday or Sunday as these days are dedicated to Lord Kala Bhairav.

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The story of Kala Bhairava

The story of Kala Bhairava is mentioned in Shiva Maha Purana. According to the Maha Purana, once upon a time, some controversy occurred among Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu on the fact that who was the supreme of them. Comment passed by Brahmaji in that argument made Shiva furious. In his anger and furiousness, Lord Shiva cut a small nail from his finger that transformed into Kalabhairav. This form of Kaalbhairava cut off the head of Lord Brahma in his anger. In the avatar of kaal bhairav, he rides a black dog with a baton in hand. The demigods got scared with this horrifying avtar of Lord Shiva. After all this Lord Brahma made an apology and realized his mistake in front of Kala bhairav. All Gods, Lord Brahma, sages and saints asked Shiva to calm down and restore in the original form. However, it is also believed that the avatar of Kalabhairav has to pay for his deed of cutting the head of Lord Brahma. He has to roam around the entire world in the form of a beggar along with the head of Lord Brahma as his begging bowl. He was required to do this to resolve the vow of Kapali and resolve his sins. When he reached Varanasi, his sins were resolved and the vow of Kapali was also resolved.

Puja or Rituals of Kalabhairav Jayanti

  • Worship Lord Kalabhairav and also fed his vehicle (i.e. black dog) with sweets and milk.
  • Rudrabhisheka
  • Observe jagaran at the night and keep fast for the whole day.
  • Recite the powerful mantra s of Bhairav and perform Aarti at midnight.
  • One can also perform Trapan and Shradh to their dead ancestors on this very day of Kalabhairav Jayanti.

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