Metals in Ayurveda Medicine

Metals in Ayurvedic Medicine: Swarna (Gold) Swarna, the Sara Lauha[6] is an important, noble metal known to Indians since antiquity. References can be traced back to Charaka and Sushruta Samhita where the noble metal has been attributed with a wide range of applications. The ‘Bhasma’ form of Gold is in metallic state. Quantitatively it is […]

Metal in Vedas or Ancient Times

Metal in Vedas or Ancient times

Metal in Vedas or Ancient times and Some Benefits: Bharatha was the leader in Metallurgy for more than 5,000 years. Gold jewelery is available from 3,000 BCE. Brass and bronze pieces are dated back to 1,300 BCE. Extraction of zinc from ore by distillation was used in India as early as 400 BCE while European […]

Benefits of Upavasa or Fasting

Benefits of Fasting (Upavasa)

Defenition of Upavasa (fasting) Upavasa literally means “Near to God”, Another meaning is “Upari” + “Vasa” staying high, the main goal in our sanatana dharma is to get good health, good health is for attain Moksha/Mukti/Liberation, This article talks about the aspect of fasting only, To fast (upavasa or anasana) is to go without food […]

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