Amrutha – Giloy – Guduchi – Tinospora Cordifolia – Uses and Benefits According to Ayurveda

Vernacular Names Sanskrit Synonyms Qualities and Effect on Tridosha Giloy uses Classical categorization Part used Home Remedies Side effects and precautions Ayurvedic medicines with Guduchi as main ingredient More information अमृता साङ्ग्राहिकवातहरदीपनीयश्लेष्मशोणितविबन्धप्रशमनानांAbove shloka in charaka samhita guduchi is one main herb with bitter taste. It helps in stimulating digestion and helps in alleviating vata and […]

Metals in Ayurveda Medicine

Metals in Ayurvedic Medicine: Swarna (Gold) Swarna, the Sara Lauha[6] is an important, noble metal known to Indians since antiquity. References can be traced back to Charaka and Sushruta Samhita where the noble metal has been attributed with a wide range of applications. The ‘Bhasma’ form of Gold is in metallic state. Quantitatively it is […]

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