Goudbharayi, Godh Bharai, Simantonnayana, Simanta, Simantakarana, Seemantonnayan,

Simantonnayana or Godhbharai

Simantonnayana / Simanta / Godhbharai Simantonnayana, also called Simanta or Simantakarana, Seemantonnayan sanskaar (The ritual for the mental development of foetus) ‘Seemant’ – this vernacular word literally means brain, while ‘Utnayan’ literally means development. Another meaning literally means “parting the hair upwards”. This is one of the Shodasha Smaskara/Sanskaar. The significance of the ritual is […]

Aksharabhysam or Hate Kori

Aksharabhyasam or Hate Khori – Ritual to Introduce Education to Kids

Aksharabhyasa / Hate Kori: Aksharabhyasam is a auspicious religious ritual which is performed to signify starting education to the child. Generally, this ritual is performed when the child completes two years of age and is in its 3rd year. As the mind of the child develops and is keen to learn various things in the […]

Annaprashan Puja in Bangalore

Annaprashan Puja Sanskar (first rice-eating ceremony)

Annaprashan Sanskar (first rice-eating ceremony) Annaprashan is a ritual to celebrate the introduction of solid food in a child’s diet. ‘Anna’ refers to food or rice, and “Prashan” means ‘to consume’. This ceremony is usually performed in the sixth month of a baby. It marks the first solid food consumed by a child. The objective […]

Antyeshti or Last rites Puja in Bangalore

Last Rites or Antyesti

Antyeshti / Antima Sanskar / Antya-kriya / Anvarohanyya Antyeshti is a last rites or Ritual performed for easy passage to his/her soul, This ritual has other names like Antima Sanskar, Antya-kriya, Anvarohanyya, or as Vahni Sanskara. Antyeṣṭi (अन्त्येष्टि) is a composite Sanskrit word of antya and iṣṭi, which respectively mean “last” and “sacrifice”. Together, the […]

Pandit & Purohit for Wedding / Marraige / Vivah in Bangalore

Vivaha Wedding Marraige

Vivaha / Wedding / Marraige Vivaha is a ritual & Samskara is the most extensive personal ritual an adult Hindu undertakes in his or her life, ceremony is conducted in front of sacred fire diety Agni/Yajna reciting vedic hymns, celebrated with friends and family, has several variations based on region and local culture. Either its […]

Pandit & Purohit for Namkaran Puja in Bangalore

Namkaran Puja

Namakara Sankar (Ritual) Puja Namkaran Ritual/Puja, naming ceremony of newborn baby. It is performed to formally keep the child’s name based on Janma Nakshatra (Birth star) or name suggested by panditji. Namkaran Puja is a ritual of providing Samskaras to the child, which is considered to be of utmost importance in shaping the character and […]

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